покрытие лаком

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покрытие лаком

Post by overdozze »

Кто знает и может подсказать каким лаком лучше покрыть барабаны,лучше конечно конкретные виды и марки лака .И так чтобы звук не "угробить"? :?:
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Re: покрытие лаком

Post by ANDREWX12 »

Я использовал яхтный лак . все супер .
http://www.farbaland.com/product/marsha ... ljanc-25l/
во типо такого
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Re: покрытие лаком

Post by Watcher »

если знаешь английский http://www.pdgood.us

там есть ТУПО ВСЁ что нужно знать чтобы создать барабан

в разделе лаки http://www.pdgood.us/drumshed/finishes.html#lacquer
Lacquer Types
I was searching through the forums to check if anyone with more experience than myself has made a distinction between newer Acrylic Lacquer vs conventional nitrocellulose lacquer in their experience of finishing drum shells. I understand acrylic dries dead clear and can be a little more $$, but that's the limit of my knowledge. Anyone with more experience like to comment?

- Nitrocellulose: Relatively inexpensive, quick drying, and the cured resins provide a reasonably good protective layer. Not completely clear though, it will add a yellow tint.
- Acrylic lacquer: Avoids the yellowing problems associated with nitrocellulose lacquer.
It's mainly the clarity of the products that is different. You will need to determine what is best to match your shells.

Acrylic is what you find on store shelves. Nitro is a bit hard to find. Developed a LONG time ago, very toxic, etc. Reranch.com (a guitar refiishing place) carries it. I've used it from them and also Deft from the local paint store (both in spray bombs). Both went on about the same, require wet sanding and buffing and Nitro IS a bit yellow-ish.
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Re: покрытие лаком

Post by YYOGAR »

А как же поиск друзья . просто по слову лаки он выдает кучу тем в которых велось обсуждение .
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